Nikko Aircraft cracked back to Narita Airport No injuries August 22 18:35


On the 22nd, there was a problem that the Japanese aircraft that left Narita Airport and headed for China returned to Narita because of a crack in the cockpit window. There are no injuries and Japan Airlines is investigating the cause.

According to Japan Airlines, around 11:30 am on the 22nd, Japan Airlines flight 827, which took off from Narita Airport and headed to Dalian, China, Boeing 787 was flying over the Sea of ​​Japan at an altitude of 12,000 meters. “There was a sound of glass breaking, and the cockpit window was cracked.”

For safety reasons, the aircraft returned to Narita Airport and landed about an hour later, and 209 passengers were not injured.

After landing, the mechanic confirmed the aircraft, and among the four windows in the cockpit, there was a mesh-like crack on one of the 1 meter vertical, 90 cm wide and 5 cm thick in front of the seat where the captain sits. It was found and the front was difficult to see.

Japan Airlines commented, “I will try to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence”.