Have you finished your summer homework? "Homework chasing room" for children, August 22, 12:23

Many schools have a little more summer vacation, and elementary school students are working on summer vacation homework with help from volunteer students at Gifu Children's Hall.

The event named “Homework Pursuit Room” is held every year by the Iwanoda Children's Center in Gifu City so that students can finish their homework and have a clean summer holiday.

On the 22nd, 7 students from elementary school 1st grade to 5th grade in the city participated and asked the volunteer junior college students to understand the problem of arithmetic and Japanese language drills.

A girl in the 5th grade said, “I participated because I was immediately able to teach a problem that I didn't understand. I wanted to finish my homework by the end of the summer vacation.”

A junior college student who participated as a volunteer said, “I remembered that my homework was difficult when I was in elementary school. I will do my best to be easy to understand.”

Gifu City's “Homework Pursuit Room” is open from 10:00 am to noon on the 23rd.