Tobu Railway 14/47 at 14:47 on August 21 due to malfunction of operation management system

Tobu Railway has been operating for over 4 hours on the Isesaki Line from around 10.30 am due to the failure of the operation management system. Operation resumes at around 4pm.

Tobu Railway is the up and down line between Asakusa and Tatebayashi on the Isesaki Line,
▼ In the up and down line between Tobu Zoological Park in Nikko and Shin Tochigi,
I'm giving up driving around 10:30 am.

After noon ▼ Daishi Line,
▼ The Kameido Line also stops driving on all lines.

The operating schedule is over 4 hours at a long time.

It also means that admission is restricted at Gotano, Umejima, Nishiarai, Takenotsuka and Daishimae stations to avoid confusion.

According to Tobu Railway, the operation management system has failed and is being inspected. As soon as safety can be confirmed, it is expected to be able to resume operation around 4pm.