Gamescom, which runs from August 20 to August 24, has so far not presented any huge news, according to Effie Karabuda. But one of the things it's talked about is a cloud-based platform where you can stream games, much like Netflix streams movies and TV shows.

- It's not been so cool stuff. For example, there has been no console news, but it seems to hold on until next year. But there has been a lot of talk about Google stages - a cloud service where you can stream games in your browser, says Effie Karabuda.

Do we know something like new Playstation 5, Xbox, Switch and so on?

- They are a little secretive with that. But it is believed that Sony will announce something in February next year. But it really is not confirmed. It has been talked about that the Playstation 5, or whatever it is called, is developing and that it should be much more powerful than the previous one.

Effie Karabuda's list of fall game tips:

1. Death stranding

2. World of warcraft

3. Luigi's mansion 3

4. Star wars jedi: Fallen order

5. The dark pictures: Man of Medan

See Effie Karabuda tip about the games Death stranding and Star wars jedi: Fallen orders in the clip above.