Grandfather 'Haldambi' Ji Byung-soo is tearing people's hearts by showing tears at a surprise birthday party.

Yesterday (20th) Ji Byung-soo's official YouTube is the 77-year-old surprise party. You can't cry! '
In the video, manager Dong-ho and his acquaintances prepared a surprise birthday party for his grandfather. Touched by the manager's sincerity, Grandpa expressed his heartfelt appreciation, saying, "Thank you very much." I thanked him again and again, "I'll make my body healthier."
His grandfather left the restaurant alone and stole his tears as if his feelings were intersected with the acquaintances and managers who joined him to celebrate his birthday.

Grandfather Ji said, "I'm about to tear myself. Thank you for remembering and taking care of my birthday. I'm sorry. I'm going to die." "Thank you very much manager Dong Ho. Who do you think so far. How can not be expressed in words," he said, "I spent lonely last year alone, but this birthday is so happy."
Afterwards, the birthday party continued, and in the end, Gee squeezed the tears of the viewers as if feelings filled with emotion.

The netizens who saw the video said, "Congratulations on your birthday. Be happy for a long time."
Ji Byung-soo, who appeared in KBS 'National Song Contest' last March, perfectly digested singer Son Dam-bi's hit song 'Crazy' with his own feeling and gathered a big topic with so-called 'Hall Dam-bi'. Since then, Ji has continued to be famous for appearing in various broadcasts and receiving love calls from the commercial world. Currently, he is also active as a YouTuber.

Grandfather Ji also shares good influences by donating income from broadcasting and other events.
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