Satoshi Hitoshi Exchange with children of similar age in Bhutan August 21st 6:37


Mr. and Mrs. Akishino and his eldest son, Jin Jin visiting Bhutan visited a local school and interacted with their children.

Mr. and Mrs. Akishinomiya and Mrs. Jin Jin visited a public school in the capital Thimphu on the 20th of local time.

This school has children from 5 to 16 years old.

Akishino-sama and Akishino-sama in matching beige suits watched children play a game using balls.

The game consists of a group of five people in a row, passing the balls to the people behind them in order to compete for speed. From the middle of the game, Satoshi Hitoshi joined the line and enjoyed interacting with children of the same age.

When Akihito-san worked on the game with a serious expression, Mr. and Mrs. Akishino were applauded with a smile.

After this, Mr. and Mrs. Akishinomiya and Mr. Minato visited a pasture where a rare bovine animal called “Takin” was protected.

Mr. Akishino, who is engaged in research on livestock, took notes and asked questions repeatedly and listened enthusiastically to the explanation of the person in charge, and Mr. Minato enjoyed the rich nature of Bhutan.

Then, after walking around the hiking trail looking down the streets of Thimphu, the reporter asked, “How is it when you look at the scenery?”, Mr. Yinjin answered “It's beautiful”.

Mr. and Mrs. Akishino will return to Japan on the 25th of this month.