45 Self-Defense Force members suspended due to illegal exam questions August 20th 19:35

45 members of the Self-Defense Forces were suspended as members of the Ground Self-Defense Forces station in Shiga Prefecture illegally obtained examinations related to promotion and received examinations, and instructors also made behaviors to tolerate fraud. Received disposal.

According to the JGSDF Central Division General Manager, the 5 Self-Defense Forces who had received "Course Education" to promote to the 3rd class sergeant last year in the Otsu garrison in Shiga Prefecture obtained test questions illegally. , 43 people have been illegally tested, such as sending it to members who had received the same course education with a smartphone app.

A copy of the question was found after the test, and the Ground Self-Defense Force revoked the test with invalid results.

In the subsequent surveys, the two instructors in their 40s both taught that the exam questions were kept in their desk drawers, and made statements that tolerated fraud. I understand.

The Ground Self-Defense Force has disposed 45 people, including the instructor chief sergeant and the unskilled land chief chief, who were suspended from the 3rd to the 7th.

Mr. Kimihiko Kishikawa, General Manager of the JGSDF Central Division, commented, “I am very sorry, and I want to work hard to prevent the recurrence by thorough guidance of the members.”