Allowance for insurance sales self-reliant sales employees Japan Post Insurance, Japan Post August 20, 18:46

It was found that Japan Post and Japan Post, which are self-employed in insurance business, received inadequate insurance sales and are discussing with the union in a direction to supplement the income of employees in charge of sales.

At Japan Post Life Insurance, a number of inappropriate insurance sales were found, such as customers not getting new insurance and becoming uninsured when switching from an old contract to a new contract.

As a result, Japan Post, which sells insurance, has been self-sufficient for at least this month to give priority to dealing with customers who may have been disadvantaged. Since self-restraint reduces the allowance paid according to business performance, the two companies decided to tentatively supplement their employees' income and entered into discussions with the union.

The target will be about 16,000 employees in charge of sales from both companies. Employees in charge of sales have a basic salary of 12% less than that of employees at the counter, and moreover, they are structured to receive allowances according to their performance, and both companies are proposing payments for this difference. .

The Japan Post Group is conducting detailed investigations such as visiting contractors for approximately 183,000 cases that may have been inappropriate sales, and will compile an interim report within the next month (September). It is a policy. As a result, the self-restraint period of the business may be extended, and the company intends to continue provisional measures while self-restraint continues.