This is also a hot battle! "Haiku Koshien" Aomori Hirosaki High School wins for the first time August 19th 10:04

The final match of “Haiku Koshien” where high school students from all over the country compete for the performance and appreciation of haiku was held in Matsuyama on the 18th, and Hirosaki High School in Aomori won the first victory.

Haiku Koshien has a national tournament held every year in Matsuyama City, the hometown of the haiku, Shiki Masaoka, and the five teams form a haiku and critique the opponent's phrases to compete for performance and appreciation.

The final round on the 18th was a battle between team B from Nagoya High School who won the qualifying session and Hirosaki High School in Aomori.

The theme of the final match was “New” and 5 phrases were held together.

Among them, Hirosaki High School said, “Shinryo and
I sang the phrase “Good things I don't like”.

This is a youthful expression of growth as a human being, as the seasons are declining and the good points of friends that he had hated so far have come to understand at the beginning of autumn.

This phrase was praised, and Hirosaki High School won the first victory 3-2.

Rena Takeda, who represented the team, said, “We have been playing games with the desire to win one without thinking too much about the championship. Every game is fun, and we are very happy to win.” It was.