Luciano Pavarotti paid permanent tribute to Placido Domingo saying: "If you invite me to dinner and, to please me, put a recording of me, I will leave you planted immediately. If you want me to stay, let me hear Placido's voice."

A jury convened by the BBC and formed by the 16 most prestigious critics in the world proclaimed Plácido Domingo as the best tenor in history over Caruso , Pavarotti, Beniamino Gigli , Tito Schipa , Kraus ... Pavarotti, by the way, had achieved the longest applause of the opera: 67 minutes for his interpretation in Elixir of love . Until 1991, when Placido at the Otello de Verdi and at the Vienna Opera extended the applause up to 80 minutes, leaving the stage 101 times before the most knowledgeable audience in the world.

In my opinion, the first name in the history of Spanish music is that of Placido Domingo, above Falla , Vitoria , Soler , Albéniz , Turina , Victoria de los Ángeles , Pau Casals , Andrés Segovia , Rodrigo , Chapí , Halffter , Caballe , Kraus ... The tenor is Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts and honorary doctorate from a dozen universities including Oxford, Salamanca and Georgetown. The president of the United States of America awarded him the Medal of Freedom and in Mexico, after his personal performance during the 1985 earthquake, he was honored.

Placido Domingo always stood out for his attention to the disadvantaged, for his help to those who begin, for his generosity for all. He was always a great gentleman. He was awarded the prize of the Financial Club of Madrid. Ignacio Bayón and I were responsible for speaking in tribute. Placido replied referring to his childhood and adolescence from simplicity, sanity and spontaneity. Being the director of ABC, the newspaper's writing gave him the ABC of Gold. The dinner in the newspaper's library concentrated the entire Spanish music and Placido gave us all a lesson in musical wisdom, personal balance and humanity.

The tenor, in short, is one of the great names of the Spanish Culture of all time and I am pleased to affirm it this way when in these cannular days of August it receives some aggressions that will not be able to scratch neither its place in History nor its musical prestige nor his personal chivalry or the example of solidarity of an admirable life.

Luis María Anson , of the Royal Spanish Academy.

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