Reconstruction of “Kyo-Ani” NPO raises support money on the Internet August 19th 17:00

The NPO corporation in Tokyo will support the Internet from 19th in an attempt to widen the circle of support for the reconstruction of the company in the case where the studio of “Kyoto Animation” was arsoned and 35 people died and 34 people were seriously injured We started “Crowd Funding” to raise money.

The fund is being raised by the NPO “Animation Industry Innovation Conference” for the purpose of promoting the animation industry, which is run by volunteers from the “Makuake” crowdfunding site.

The entire amount collected during the period from 19th to 18th October will be transferred to the Kyoto Animation dedicated account, excluding the fee.

You can choose from 11 types of support money ranging from 500 yen to 1 million yen. The name will be posted on a dedicated page that NPO corporations will open in the future, and messages can also be sent to Kyoto Animation.

There was also a comment post on the site, and prompt messages such as “The world is waiting” and “I want to support you this time” were sent one after another.

“Since Matsushita, Chairman of the Anime Industry Innovation Conference,“ I thought it would be better to have a variety of support methods, I started crowdfunding without the need to transfer money to the bank. I want to excite. "