Man killed and escaped 53-year-old man arrested “stepped on” partly denied Denial Chiba August 20 8:14


This month 15 days, as a man of 26-year-old who lives in nearby Sakae, Chiba Prefecture, was killed by hit by a car, a man of the company members of the 53-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of hit and run. It means that some charges have been denied to the investigation.

Sakae Ito (53), a company employee of Sakaecho, Chiba Prefecture, was arrested.

According to the police, it was past 3 o'clock on the 15th of this month, on the street of Sakaemachi Sakana, the company employee Ryohei Kuno (26), who was killed by a passenger car, was killed and left suspicious. It is held.

The police proceeded with an investigation because the car of the suspect Ito was reflected in the video of the security camera near the scene, and was arrested early in the morning.

In response to the investigation, he stated that he “stepped on the object, but ran away without notification” and denied some of the charges.

The police are examining the situation at that time in detail.