Suspected escape from police hospital

A Korean man who escaped from Tokyo Police Hospital and was investigating whereabouts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was found to have been discharged three days earlier from the beginning by interviewing investigators. The man was released for treatment of injury after being arrested in a theft, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating as if he was arrested again when he was discharged.

Korea ’s money is unknown because the address and profession are unknown. Suspected Genki (64) has infiltrated a sushi store in Nakano Ward this month and is suspected of stealing cash.

When he was arrested in this incident, he fell from the stairs to break and broke his bones and was treated at the Tokyo Police Hospital.

After that, the discharge schedule was originally 22nd of this month, but it was found through interviews with investigators that it was 3 days ahead of 19th.

And on the 18th, when I went to the bathroom, the police officer who was on the alert told me that I had something to leave, so I ran away.

Kim is about 1m80cm tall, wearing a white T-shirt with blue shorts, getting on the bus near the hospital and getting off at the north exit of Nakano Station.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating whereabouts because it thinks that it will be arrested again if the condition recovers, and that it has escaped knowing that it was scheduled to be discharged earlier.

* "Gen" is the original