Emperor Showa's “Worship Record” is also written on August 19, 18:54

In the “Worship Record” of the first Secretary of the Imperial Household Agency who wrote a dialogue with the Emperor Showa, Emperor Showa, who was appointed to the army at the age of 11, delayed his appointment to the army of the Emperor who was the crown prince because of his hard experience. It is written. The expert said, `` I felt the distrust of the youth officer and the fear of having an adverse effect on the education of the crown prince, and I thought that I wanted to delay the officer as much as possible and protect the crown prince from the military and youth officers as much as possible. '' It is.

Michiharu Tajima, who was the first secretary of the Imperial Household Agency from the private sector, wrote “Worship Record” and served as the head of the Imperial Household Agency and its predecessor Miyanai Prefectural Government for 5 and a half years since 1948. The dialogue with Emperor Showa over 300 hours was recorded in detail.

In the “Worship Record”, the Emperor Showa called the Togu and the Emperor who was the Crown Prince at that time is called “Higashimiya-chan”, and it is frequently noted how they care.

"I want to live nearby"

In the worship service on November 8, 1947, when the Emperor was a third grader at Gakushuin Junior High School, the construction site of the Higashimiya Imperial Palace in his home was “Hero Renuka. “I want to live as close as possible to the“ Guyoto think ”,“ I want to live in the neighborhood of Miyagi in the Tojo-limited lanuga in the Nijo Castle. It is written that I spoke.

The reason why Emperor Showa, when he visited the United Kingdom when he was young, gave an episode about how he met his father, Emperor Taisho, from King Edward VIII. The late Tadataka no Kuni Toy Toyrel Japan Toshite reply Niwa Shinda affairs I am now forgetting Renu. It is.

“Even if the army demands, the Crown Prince ’s officer is not allowed”

In addition, the “Worship Book” also described the reason why the Emperor reached the end of the war at the age of 11 without becoming a soldier in the Crown Prince era.

Before the war, the crown prince was, in principle, 10 years old and was supposed to be appointed as a lieutenant of the Army and Navy, and Emperor Showa was appointed at the age of 11 when the Emperor Meiji died, but Emperor Showa Even if requested by the military, he did not allow the Crown Prince's commissioner.

The reason for this is that Emperor Showa held a ceremony on December 18, 1927, the month after the Emperor ’s ceremonial ceremony and Tachi-Tai Ritual were held. The warrior Gutomiya was able to make something, and I thought that there was nothing as bad as a warrior, who was just an army spy who just told me that there was nothing in my movements. I looked back on the hard experience after the appointment.

On top of that, "If you go to Tachiko Rei, you will be able to make a Toumiya samurai in the Higashimiya profession. "He told the reason why he didn't want the Prince to feel the same."

Expert “Do you want to protect the Crown Prince from youth officers?”

Seijo University's part-time lecturer, who is familiar with the symbolic emperor system, said, “The crown prince will become a soldier, which will lead to an increase in fighting spirit, and a sign that will help all the people cooperate in the war. The Emperor Showa was surprised that the reason why Emperor Showa refused to do so was a private story because he wanted to make the Crown Prince a soldier quickly to carry out. I felt that there was a risk of adversely affecting our education, and the idea of ​​delaying the officer as much as possible to protect the Crown Prince from military and youth officers was quite strong. ”