Consumer Affairs Agency Established office in Tokushima as a permanent base August 19, 18:42

The Consumer Affairs Agency has made it clear that the office established in Ototoshi Tokushima Prefecture will be a permanent base for surveys and research of consumer administration from the next fiscal year, in order to verify the regional relocation of the central ministries.

This was revealed by a minister in charge of consumer affairs who visited the Tokushima prefectural government on the 19th. Consumer Agency as part of the local transfer of central government ministries and agencies, year before last, opened an office of destination in the Tokushima Prefectural Government, we have to consider the way there to prospect three years.

Regarding this office, the Consumer Affairs Agency has announced that it will establish a new permanent base from the next fiscal year, assuming that it has achieved certain results in the evolution of consumer administration and regional revitalization.

In a new base called the “New Future Creation Strategy Headquarters”, it will respond to the internationalization of consumer issues associated with the spread of the Internet and strengthen its role as an alternative base in case of disasters such as earthquakes directly under the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The number of staff will be increased from the current 50 to 80, and it will be considered to have a deputy-level staff at the top.

On the other hand, for the offices of the National Life Center set up in the same Tokushima prefectural office, we are instructing efficiency improvement because there are problems in the number of participants in the training.

At the interview, Mr. Miyakoshi, the consumer minister, said, “I want to create a permanent base in Tokushima and perform the functions that should be strengthened the most in consumer administration. I want to lead to development. "