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Citizen Registration “International Society Starts Final Examination One Final Examination | NHK News


Registering an old geological formation in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture as an “International Standard Land” representing one era of the history of the earth, and aiming to name this era as “Chibanian”…

Registration of the Tibanian “Judgment before the final examination at the international conference begins 19:20 on August 19th

A research group aiming to register an old geological formation in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, as an “International Standard Land” that represents one era of the history of the Earth and to name this era as “Chibanian” submits a new application to the International Society Announced that the third stage of screening, which is one step before the final screening, has started.

Groups such as Ibaraki University and the National Institute of Polar Research register the stratum of about 770,000 years ago in Ichihara City, where the earth's magnetic field has been reversed, to be registered as an “International Standard Land” that represents an era of the Earth If you have applied for an international academic conference and your registration is approved, you will name this era the “Chibanese” meaning the Chiba era.

In November of last year, we passed the second stage examination. However, another researcher who opposes the application has obtained the right to lease land including this strata, so the “free entry for research” necessary for registration There was a risk of being restricted.

For this reason, Ichihara City, which manages the surrounding area of ​​the strata, created a document indicating that it aims to establish ordinances that guarantee the entry of researchers, and last week the research group reviewed the application with this document in the third stage. Submitted to the international conference.

According to the research group, the review has already begun, and if the approval of more than 60% of the committee members is obtained, the final review will proceed.

The third stage of screening and voting will take place from next month to October, and if it goes smoothly, the conclusion of the final screening will be reached at the end of the year at the earliest.

Associate professor Keisuke Suganuma of the National Institute of Polar Research said, “I want to move forward step by step to get to the registration.”

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