A man who was arrested driving A man was arrested on suspicion of taxi driver confinement last year on August 19 at 19:06

Miyazaki, who was arrested for driving a car and injuring a man, was arrested last year for confining a driver in a taxi parked at a convenience store parking lot in Kyoto. It was. A taxi driver man (47) living in Hyogo Prefecture, who was injured, responded to NHK's interview, saying, “I didn't know what I wanted to do and I was not sane.” Testimony of taxi driver.

Around 5:30 am on March 21 last year, I put a man with a suspect Miyazaki and a man in a downtown area in the center of Osaka and sent it to a hotel near JR Osaka Station, about 1 km away.

At that time, it was said that "Please wait because you bring your luggage", but it seems that there was a problem with the hotel and it was said that it was waited for nearly two hours.

After being separated from the man who accompanied him at the JR station in Tennoji Ward, the state of the suspect Miyazaki was said to have gone wrong.

It was said that he went around 20 places, including department stores, restaurants and car dealers.

During that time, he was instructed to run slowly on the Hanshin Expressway loop, and while he made two rounds of the loop, Miyazaki wrote down the number of cars to be overtaken one by one.

Mr. Miyazaki said that he often called the police on the way and said, “I was just getting closer” or “I was surrounded and helped”.

The ride was almost half a day.

The taxi driver had been working from the night before, so he refused to ask for a change.

In addition, the car phone was taken up and it was not allowed to go to the toilet.

The company reported the 110th because the taxi travel route was suspicious, and the police car rushed, and Miyazaki was arrested.

After that, the prosecution was postponed.

The taxi driver said, "I don't know what I want to do. I thought I was not sane. I was relieved to hear that I was arrested this time."