A man escaping from the police hospital Alight at JR Nakano Station or 12:06 on August 19th

A new gait of a man who escaped from Tokyo Police Hospital.
A South Korean man who had been released for treatment after being arrested in a theft case found out from the hospital, got on the bus and got off at JR Nakano Station, as recorded by the drive recorder, and the Metropolitan Police Department investigated the whereabouts doing.

On the morning of the 18th, after being arrested as a suspect for theft from a Tokyo police hospital in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, a Korean man in his 60s who had been released for treatment and hospitalized escaped.

According to previous surveys, it was confirmed with a security camera that a person with similar characteristics as a man got on a bus from a bus stop near the hospital, but in a later survey, the figure of getting off the bus at JR Nakano Station I was able to understand that it was recorded in the interview to the investigator.

According to security cameras and drivers, the man wore sandals, handed over banknotes, paid the fare, and got off the bus.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the man was about 1 meter 80 cm tall, and when he fled, he was wearing a white T-shirt with blue trousers.

The Metropolitan Police Department investigates the whereabouts of the arrests on suspicion of theft and calls for information on the existence of people who have witnessed persons similar to men.