Competition to compete for goldfish scoop Nara Aug. 18 13:14


In Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture, where goldfish farming is thriving, a competition is held where more than 2,000 people participate to compete for goldfish scooping skills.

This goldfish scooping tournament has been held every year since 1995, such as Yamatokoriyama City, and the 25th anniversary of the tournament was positioned as a world tournament and actively invited foreigners to participate. .

As a result, more than 2,300 people, including about 50 people from nine countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, entered and competed for how many goldfish to scoop in three minutes.

The tournament consists of a general battle between the general club and elementary and junior high school students, and a group battle in which three players compete. It was.

A 24-year-old woman from Hyogo Prefecture scooped up 39 animals and said, “It ’s fun to think of how to scoop it up because each one goes in a completely different direction. .