Stalker Murder Case Bereaved "Perpetrator information during probation to victims" August 18 20:24

Seven years ago, a bereavement of a woman who was killed by a stalker man who had received probation in Choshi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, gave a lecture in Tokyo. He complained that a system that can grasp detailed personal information is necessary.

A man who killed his sister Rie Miyoshi (at that time 33) by a former partner gave a lecture at a workshop of a protection teacher held in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on the 18th.

The man who killed Rie-san had been accused of prosecution after being sentenced to prosecution for threats against Rie-e.

Based on this background, the bereaved man said, “If there is a possibility of protecting the life, I would like the victim to know the information of the perpetrator in detail.” Personal information such as address and occupation is also the victim. Called for a system that can understand.

The protector who heard the lecture said, “I think it is necessary to change the system because there is a frustrating part of being able to respond to protecting the lives of the victims.”

Under the current system, it is possible to know the number of times the perpetrator interviewed the guard, but the Ministry of Justice is reviewing what information the victim needs and considering the response.