Suspected of leaving the body of two men in a house Arrested man Father and brother or Yamanashi August 18

A 52-year-old unemployed man was arrested for leaving the body of two men in a residence in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and the police confirmed that there was a possibility that the man and his father lived together Is proceeding.

Mr. Kimihiko Mitsui (52), whose address was unspecified and unemployed, was arrested, and according to police, there is a suspicion that two men's bodies were left in a residence in Hokuto city around this month.

An official at the Hokuto City Office consulted with the police saying “I can't see my grandfather,” and on the 10th of this month, two men were found dead in different rooms of the house.

Late on the night of the 17th, when a police officer found Mitsui who was driving a light truck in the city and listened to the circumstances, he was arrested for admitting that he left the body.

The police are investigating the cause of death in detail and that the suspects of Mitsui suspected of being the father and older brother who lived together with them, and confirming their identities. .