NGT48 Theatrical performance resumes ... Fan "I still don't get it" August 18th 23:02

The Nigata-based idol group “NGT48” had virtually stopped working after a fan hit the member ’s home and had trouble, but resumed performances at a dedicated theater in Niigata on the 18th night. Did.

With regard to “NGT48”, the group's activities were virtually suspended in December last year after a fan hit the house of Maho Yamaguchi, who was a member, and got into trouble.

After that, the management company took measures to prevent recurrence, and the performance at the dedicated theater in Niigata City resumed from the night of the 18th. “I want to do my best one by one.”

In July, the operating company announced the introduction of a “face recognition system” on its website to prevent fans who are strongly seeking private contact from the event venue as a measure to prevent recurrence of trouble. Since then, we have not made public explanations such as press conferences.

A fan man said, “I'm still not convinced to resume the activities at this time. I want explanation from the top of the company.”