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From the Emperor Showa's view, the first secretary of the Imperial Household Agency, who wrote a dialogue with Emperor Showa, said that Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida said, “Mutsu, who is a man who moves with Yoshida Hakan”. There are frequent comments from the past Prime Ministers.

Michiharu Tajima, who was the first Secretary of the House of the Imperial Household from the private sector, wrote “Worship Record” and served as the head of the House of Japan and its predecessor, the House of Imperial Household for five and a half years from 1948 under the Japanese constitution During his tenure, he recorded in detail the dialogue with Emperor Showa over 300 hours, over 600 times.

From the prewar days to the postwar days, there are frequent personal reviews of the past Prime Ministers that Emperor Showa had contacted.

Konoe Bunpo and Tojo Hideki

The most common ones are Bungo Konoe, who served as the prime minister when the policy of the war against the United States was substantially decided at the opening of the Sino-Japanese War and the Preparatory Meeting, and the prime minister at the start of the Pacific War. It is Hideki Tojo who was executed as a class A war criminal after the war.

In the worship service on May 28, 1927, Emperor Showa himself was a clerical person, and in the same way he was compatible with clerical persons, and compared Konoe and Tojo. Speaking, but don't rely on me, I'll be out for a while, and people like to be a bit stranger with a raft of squid, and I'll use it heavily, but I'll go straight to that idea But it wasn't clerical or clever, but it was clever, and it was clever, and it was quite strong. In another occasion, it is written that he said, “I would like to have both strengths of Konoe and Tojo alone”.

Hitoshi Hamada and Shigeru Yoshida

On the other hand, in the post-war Prime Minister, there are many contrasts between Hitoshi Hamada, who appointed Tajima as the secretary of the Miyanai Prefectural Government, and Shigeru Yoshida, who had long been in power.

On May 23, 1951, Mr. Tajima talked to Mr. Tajima as a person who strongly pushed through what he decided on Yoshida, while Emperor Showa said, “I want to do that. A little awkward in theory. As a result of research, it may be a little too tight as a result of research, but I will study the situation a little.Human who moves with Yoshida Hakan I have a strong point between Yoshida and Iwata. It ’s said that it ’s good.

“Think at the country level whether it is a unique perspective”

Seijo University's part-time instructor, Seiki University, who conducted the analysis, said, “Emperor Showa liked the personality. One of the evaluation criteria is that it is basically not logical for people who are prone to being sentimental or prone to emotions, and that the Emperor Showa himself was such a person. The Emperor Showa's personal comment shows that he wants the same way of thinking as his own.The Emperor Showa tells others to think about things at the national level. I think people from a different point of view, so I think it will be a clue or clue to rethink the evaluation one more time by looking at the people at that time. "