Kujira and bathing “Kujira Town” Wakayama Taiji Town Annual Event August 17th 15:12


In Taiji Town, Wakayama Prefecture, known as the “Kujira Town”, an annual event to swim with whales is held and it is crowded with parents and children during the summer vacation.

Each year, the “Museum Kujira Museum” in Taiji has a beach where you can swim with a whale by dividing the nearby cove with a net.

In the living room installed in the bay, there are two 10-year-old female “Satsuki” and 4-year-old male “Nemo” bred in the museum. It is released into the bay twice a day.

Satsuki swam between the bathers and occasionally shook his hands.

Visitors cheered and took pictures when Satsuki came near.

A 7-year-old boy from Mie Prefecture said, “I was cute when I fluttered the fins and made a voice. I enjoyed swimming together.”

Dr. Taiki Inamori, Whale Museum, said, “I want to feel familiar with Taiji-cho, the town of Whales, by enjoying interacting with the whales at the beach.”

The beach where you can swim with whales is free until 19th.