Quentin Tarantino's ninth film, which has just arrived in theaters, is at a decisive moment of the last century: the one in which the dream of the hippie counterculture comes face to face with a brutal reality. After the murder of Sharon Tate and his friends at the hands of the sect of Charles Manson , it could be stated with property that the party is over. Something of the emancipatory spirit of the second postwar period was still maintained during the 1970s, but when Antonioni films the destruction of American civilization in the Californian deserts of Zabriskie Point, he does not know to what extent it is the decline of his own Marcusian creed: things They were going to change.

Now, that would change to the point that the left applauds the cancellation of the concert of C. Tangana in Bilbao invoking reasons of public morality or, in the same week, is launched to the jugular of Placido Domingo from a fragile set of mostly anonymous complaints, that could not have been anticipated by anyone. It is clear that in these cases, as in the previous ones and in those that can follow them, two essential principles of the liberal-democratic society are called into question: the exercise of freedom of expression and the validity of the presumption of innocence There is nothing! But note that the freedom of speech that the singer refuses, under the pretext of his supernatural ability to pervert young people in the manner of a Socrates who had learned to sing trap , is delivered without journalistic or judicial filters to a handful of anonymous whistleblowers who they lack any proof and yet they have the power to ruin reputations.

Who writes ignores if Placido Domingo is guilty of something, but refuses to accept that the way to find out is a public campaign without judicial mediation . Unfortunately, the serene debate on these matters is impossible and will also be hypocritical as long as we do not accept that power - also the power of beauty! - not only can he abuse but also attracts: there is no famous sleeping alone. It is undoubtedly beneficial for some of the unwritten rules that were regulating male-female relationships to change; It is not that we substitute the rule of law for anonymous defamation . Nor do we forget, returning to Tangana, that art is an endless purpose and not a catechism for the education of beautiful souls.

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