National treasure "Kokoin Temple" restoration work using traditional techniques is unveiled for the first time on August 17 at 12:55 on Otsu

The state of the restoration work of the national treasure building at Mitsui-ji Temple in Otsu City was released, and the visitors visited a rework called “Kokerabuki”, a traditional technique of stacking thinly divided boards on the roof.

The national treasure “Kojoin Guest House” in the precincts of Mitsui-ji Temple in Otsu City was built in 1601 about 400 years ago as a building for visitors, and the roof was corroded and damaged in April. Restoration work has been carried out.

On the 17th, the state of the construction was released for the first time, and 14 people from inside and outside the prefecture climbed the foothold and observed from the roof with a height of 5 meters.

To wipe the roof of the guest hall, a traditional technique called “Kokerabuki” is used, in which a 3 mm thick sawara wood board is stacked and fastened with a bamboo nail that resists corrosion.

Visitors received explanations from the staff of the Shiga Prefectural Board of Education, such as the fact that approximately 100,000 plates were used for the replacement, and photographed the work of craftsmen who drive nails. It was.

A man in his fifties from Aichi Prefecture said, “I was lucky to see it by chance. I was impressed that the traditional skill of performing precise work was amazing, even without a blueprint.” It was.

Mr. Yoshitaka Oyama from the Cultural Property Protection Division of the Shiga Prefectural Board of Education said, “The construction will be completed in December, so please come and see the clean guesthouse.”