Returning home at Narita Airport. Expected arrival of 57,000 people, the highest ever. August 17th 11:38

At Narita Airport, the return rush of those who spent Obon abroad has peaked on the 17th, and is crowded with families with souvenir bags from the morning.

At Narita Airport, it is the first day of the 17th when the rush to return home is at its peak.

From the morning, the arrival lobby was crowded with families with souvenir bags, surfboards on carts, and young people who were tanned in black.

According to the Narita Airport Company, the number of passengers on international flights for 10 days up to the 18th is estimated to be 1,735,000 people, including departures and arrivals. It is expected to increase by about 6% compared to the season.

A 6-year-old boy who traveled to Singapore and Malaysia on a cruise ship with seven families, including parents and grandparents, said, “The scenery of Redang Island, Malaysia was beautiful. .

Also, a mother with a family who traveled to Phuket in Thailand said, “The children are busy with school and lessons during the summer vacation, but it was good that they were able to leave Japan and relax with their family during the Bon holidays.” I was talking.