"Artificial shooting star" plan is reviewed on August 17 at 4:21

A venture company that had planned to create a shooting star artificially in the spring of next year in Hiroshima Prefecture and host an event with local governments, etc., announced that it would review the implementation time and location.

Venture company “ALE” in Minato-ku, Tokyo, released a small metal ball from a micro-satellite to enter the atmosphere and artificially create a shooting star next spring in the vicinity of Hiroshima Prefecture. I have been planning to hold an event.

However, the venture company has announced that it will review its plans for implementation and location by 17th.

The reason for this is that an overseas company that had requested the launch of Unit 2 of the micro-satellite has postponed the launch time, making it difficult to coordinate events with local governments and companies.

The person in charge of a venture company says, “I don't change my desire to make shooting stars around Hiroshima, but I want to decide when and where to launch it after Unit 2 is launched.”