Two people fell to the well of carbonated water. Fukushima Kanayamacho August 15 14:05

Early in the morning of the 15th, in a well that can hold natural carbonated water in Kanayama-cho, Fukushima Prefecture, it was found that a 70-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman who had visited with relatives fell down. I died soon. The police consider that two people have fallen accidentally and are examining it in detail.

After 5am on the 15th, the fire department was informed that two people had fallen into a well in Oshio, Kanayamacho.

According to the police, Isao Morohashi (77) who lives in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and Mr. Ruriko Isa (49), a company employee, fell to the hospital because of Mr. Morohashi. But soon died.

This well is known to attract many tourists because it can hold natural carbonated water.

According to the police and the fire department, the depth of the well is about 4 meters, of which about 1 meter has accumulated water.

The two of them visited the other three relatives and waited in the car, so they went to see the situation because they did not return.

The police are investigating in detail, assuming that two people accidentally fell into the well.

This well is managed by a group made up of local residents, and there are no fences around it, but measures such as covering with plates and nets were taken to prevent falling.

Kanayama Town will consider measures to prevent falls.