The sanctuary ban has been lifted, but there is still an unusual situation of “no landing”.

The taste of autumn, saury fishing is also a pinch.
The small fishing boat, which was lifted on the 10th of this month, returned to the port of Nemuro City, Hokkaido, where it was based.

Among the fishing rod fishing that is the mainstay of saury fishing, small boats of less than 20 tons were lifted on the 10th of this month, and about 40 boats started operation off the coast of the northern islands.

All fishing boats have returned to the port of Hanasaki Port in Nemuro City, Japan's No. 1 city for 9 consecutive years.

However, none of the boats can take a large amount, and so far, there has been an unusual situation in which saury landings have been zero.

“It seems that there is almost no school of fish around the northern four islands where saury fishing is carried out at this time every year. The school of fish approaches the sea near Japan. The situation is particularly severe for small ships that are expected to be in late September and cannot travel far away. "

Crew “It ’s my first experience with no saury swarm”

“Sakafukumaru”, which belongs to the Nemuro City toothbrush fishery cooperative, departed from Hanasaki Port of Nemuro City on the opening day of this month, and tried fishing for two days at a fishing ground off the northern coast of Yoshima. I couldn't find a single animal and returned to Hanasaki Port in the afternoon on the 14th.

The crew man said, “There was no saury at all. For the first time, if you could not get it at all, it would be a deficit operation that wasted fuel costs.”

An unusual situation where you still cannot compete

At Hanamasaki Port in Nemuro City, this year, saury caught by small boats by rod-catch net fishing was landed in excess of 100 tons. The However, because Kotoshi has no landing, it is an unusual situation where it is still not possible to compete for saury. A 77-year-old man who runs a fish processing company in Nemuro said, “It has never been possible to come back without taking it at all.