"Thanks for being alive now" The day of the end of the war and the typhoon net reaction was August 15th 14:52

On the 15th day of the end of the war, there were many voices on the Internet saying that they were silent at home due to the influence of Typhoon # 10.

On Twitter, “I thought I would go to visit, but I thought about the influence of the typhoon, and my husband and wife will pray for silence and peace in the gods of my home” or “I will be silent in 74 years since the end of the war. There was a voice saying that he was silent at home while the rain and wind were getting stronger as the typhoon approached.

Also, I regret that there was no silence with the siren ringing at the Koshien Stadium at noon on the end of the war, such as `` There was no silence of Koshien because the high school baseball was canceled due to the typhoon hit, '' There was also a voice.

In addition, voices hoping for peace are worried about the damage of the typhoon, such as "Since various thoughts for one minute (silence). Let this peaceful world continue. It was.