Kinki region express trains will also be suspended on August 16 at 20:29 on August 15

JR West announced on the 16th that it will stop 130 express trains in the Kinki region.

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 10, 192 limited express trains running in the Kinki region of JR West Japan are closed on the 15th.

JR West will suspend 130 limited express trains on the 16th because it is expected to be flying on the track even after the wind and rain have settled, and safety confirmation is required.

Among these trains, some trains will be canceled from the first train: 54 “Thunderbirds” linking Osaka / Kyoto and Hokuriku ▽ 32 “Shirasagi” linking Nagoya / Yonehara and Hokuriku ▽ Shin Osaka / Osaka and Fukuchiyama / 27 "Konotori" connecting Kinosaki Onsen direction ▽ "Hamakaze" connecting Osaka / Himeji and Kasumi / Tottori direction ▽ "Kinosaki" "Hashidate" "Ma" connecting Kyoto and Sanin Izuru "is a total of four.

In addition, “Super Hakuto”, which connects Osaka / Kyoto with Tottori / Kurayoshi, will also stop driving from the first train.

In addition, there is a route that stops driving on conventional lines other than limited express trains in some sections from the first train on the 16th to the evening.

Stop driving ▽ Between Nagahama and Tsuruga on the Hokuriku Line ▽ Between Nagahama and Maibara on the Lake Biwa Line ▽ Between Abashiri and Kamigori on the Sanyo Line ▽ Between Aioi on the Ako Line and Banshu Ako ▽ From Omi Imazu on the Kosai Line to Omi Between Shiozu ▽ Between Kusatsu and Kusatsu on the Kusatsu Line ▽ Between Takarazuka on the Takarazuka Line and Shinoyamaguchi ▽ Between Kakogawa and Tanikawa on the Kakogawa Line ▽ Between Himeji and Hizuki on the Himeshin Line ▽ Between Hino and Wakayama on the Hanwa Line ▽ Between Nara and Takada on the Manyo Mahoroba Line ▽ Between Oji and Wakayama on the Wakayama Line ▽ Between Kamo and Kameyama on the Kansai Line.

In addition, there are routes that operate with a reduced number, and JR West calls on the website to check the operation status.