Nick and Bobbi, immortalized upon waking up during the Woodstock festival - a cliché that has become legendary - still live together. At the microphone of Europe 1, they evoke the values ​​of Woodstock, still current according to them.


Fifty years ago, day by day, began a music festival that became mythical: Woodstock. Three days of concerts in the state of New York, marked among others by the performances of Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, or Janis Joplin. The album cover photo became one of the visual symbols of this era: a couple wrapped in a blanket, standing in the middle of a human tide lying in the mud. Fifty years later, they are still together, and 50 years later, they still live near Woodstock ... and, 50 years later, Europe 1 met them.

She, Bobbi, no longer wears his big round glasses and he, Nick, does not have as much hair, but they always look as in love as on the cover of the album. In 1969, they were 20 years old. There were so many people on the road to Woodstock that to go to the festival, the couple had to abandon their car and finish the last kilometers on foot, without having any idea what was waiting for them.

"There was no one there to send us text messages or photos!" Bobbi jokes. "But you could feel the excitement because thousands of people all walked in the same direction," she says. "On the little country road, you could hear the slap of barefoot or sandals on the asphalt, and it was just wonderful!"

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And in the morning, a photographer ...

In addition to the music, Nick and Bobbi remained impressed by the festival's special atmosphere and its half-million spectators: campfire smoke, people singing and dancing ... "You could hear the murmur of the humanity around us, everything was kindness and love, "says Bobbi.

Like everyone else, the couple spends the night on the lawn. In the early morning, Nick embraces Bobbi in a big blanket. A photographer passes and immortalizes the scene. Since then, this moment of tenderness has become the visual symbol of this historic festival, a veritable parenthesis of peace and love at the end of a troubled decade.

Excellent, touching this testimony of this couple who made the cover of the album of this legendary concert Woodstock, 50 years later, and always together # Europe1 @ justinehollman @ / DiTaY6rp7u

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"The world would need a little more Woodstock"

"It was a turbulent time in the country at that time, there were so many divisions: the struggle for civil rights, the rights of women, the Vietnam war, the political killings, and the music, was what brought us all together, "recalls Bobbi. "It's starting again today!" Says Nick. "It's like we do not remember what happened 50 years ago, I'm waiting for music to send messages, I can not hear them today. , money, "he laments. And both of them conclude in heart: "The world would need a little more Woodstock."