Sending documents with tiger fangs Actually ... August 15 13:02


A man of Chinese nationality living in Saitama Prefecture was sent a document on suspicion of violating the conservation law of the species, as he displayed a product that was a tiger's fang for which transactions were regulated on an Internet auction site.

In fact, horse teeth are processed into the shape of a tiger's fangs, and it is stated to the survey that "I thought it would sell if it were strong and cool tiger's fangs".

The document was sent to a 64-year-old Chinese national who runs an antiques sales business living in Wako, Saitama.

According to the police, the man was suspected of violating the Conservation Law of the Species for three years ago on the Internet auction site that listed three items that are considered tiger's fangs, where trade is regulated as threatening extinction. It is held.

Police investigated in response to charges from animal protection groups, and what was exhibited were processed horse teeth and boar fangs. On the 15th, a man was sent a document for violating the preservation law.

According to the police, the man said to the study, "I bought a boar's fang in Shanghai, China, but I thought it would sell better if I said it was a strong and cool tiger's fang."