A passenger plane from Hungary to Iceland was forced to land an unplanned landing in Norway because of an unmanned passenger today, police said, dismissing speculation of a possible hijacking attempt.

Police said in the city of Stavanger, western Norway via Twitter: "The passenger was landed in his sixties." No passengers or crew were injured, she said.

Initial reports said the man was drunk, but Stavanger police spokesman John Dagsland said the man had told police he had taken medication and did not remember anything about the incident.

Dagsland told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the man, an Icelandic citizen, would undergo a medical examination until the investigation was completed.

He added that the incident was not treated as an abduction attempt, but the man could be investigated because he did not comply with the pilot's orders.

Wizz Air, with about 200 people on board, left Sola airport near Stavanger for its destination in Reykjavik. The plane had initially taken off from Budapest, Hungary.