"The 26th and 26th incidents" Navy's top secret document discovered 4 days until convergence August 15th 19:31

Before the war, a secret document was recorded that recorded the four days from the occurrence of the incident to its convergence in minutes, about the "26th and 26th case" where youth officers of the army planned a coup and killed government officials. I learned from NHK's interview.
It was recorded by the Navy at that time, and the movements and exchanges between youth officers and military leaders were recorded in detail, and experts pointed out that it was a first-class document that reveals new aspects of the case that shook modern Japan doing.

The material found this time is about the “26th and 26th incident” in which the army youth officers planned a coup to establish the emperor-centered state on February 26, 1946 and killed nine government officials. , An internal document recorded by the Navy at that time.

The document is marked "Top Secret", and the information that the Navy grasped on-site for four days from the incident to the convergence is recorded in minutes.

Among them, the memo that seems to be the first report recorded at 7:00 am on February 26, about 2 hours after the occurrence, is lined up with letters of scribble, such as "The Metropolitan Police Department" "Occupation", "Prime Mansion" "Death" You can see the degree of impact.

The army to which the youth officers belonged to the suppression of the incident, but the Navy dispatched contact personnel to the army's headquarters or set up many `` watch stations '' on the site, We also monitored the army trends.

On the second day, February 27th, 6:30 pm, the army executives said the young officers understood that "their reason is reasonable" and said, "They are not treated as mob." It can be seen that the Navy was wary of the fact that the army's response was inconsistent and the situation was complicated.

Furthermore, on the record of 11:05 pm on February 28, the day before the incident converged, one of the masterminds of the incident that was hunted down, Soichi Isobe met with a senior officer of the Konoe Division who protected the Emperor. (Why) was your army dispatched? ", And it was written down in detail that he was acting as if to confirm the emperor's true intention.

And on the last day, the record of 8:05 am on February 29, it was stated that the Navy's land unit wore a gas mask and decided to “shoot immediately and destroy enemies all at once.” If there weren't any young officers immediately after this, there was an urgent record that Tokyo could become a battlefield after entering the city battle.

In the “26/26 incident”, records compiled after the incident, such as the materials of the Special Military Law Council, which had been judged by the youth officers, have been the main official documents, but this time the incident was found It was recorded in detail at the same time, and experts point out that it is a first-class document that highlights new aspects of the incident that shook modern Japan.

Expert "Material to fill in important parts"

“The 26/26 incident was a coup by military personnel, but only the army side of the two large organizations of the army and navy was seen, The discovery of this document proved that the Navy was a big part of the incident, especially because the Navy is a habit and time is written carefully, so that the transition of the incident was written in real time. It is precious that it is valuable. "

In addition, Todaka-san said, “By examining the documents in the future, the overall picture of the 26/26 incident will become clearer. If this material was used in the study of the incident, there might have been a slightly different perspective on the overall picture of the incident. It will be a material that fills in a very important part of the overall scenario. ”