“Children's Summer” Appears at Summer Festival Announcement of Morning Dora Shooting August 15th 10:24

At the summer festival in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Sakuno Kanno, who played the heroine / Natsuno childhood in NHK's continuous TV novel “Natsuzora”, showed an episode of the filming.

Every year, the opening ceremony of the “Obihiro Plains Festival” held at “Hirahara Street” in front of JR Obihiro Station at this time of Obon is held on the 14th. In NHK's continuous TV novel “Natsuzora”, Heroine Natsu Saki Kanno who played "Nacchan" as a child appeared.

“I love the warm atmosphere of the Tokachi people. In the filming of the drama, I was able to have valuable experiences such as milking cows and attending childbirth.”

After this, Mr. Kanno celebrated the opening with about 500 tourists and colorful balloons in the sky.

A girl in the fourth grade of elementary school said, “I was glad to see you because I was longing for Mr. Kanno to see“ Natsuzora ”.”

The Obihiro Plain Festival is held until the 16th, and the Awa Odori Tournament is scheduled on the final day.