Was it abused during summer vacation? Guidance to faculty and staff for early detection August 14th 12:52

The Chiba Prefectural Board of Education will distribute a “handbook” to faculty and staff to find changes in children at the end of the holidays so that children who have been abused during the summer vacation when the school and faculty cannot reach them will be discovered as soon as possible. became.

In January, a fourth-grade girl who died after being abused by her parents in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture was not expected to go to school after the end of the winter vacation and was believed to have been assaulted by her father during the holiday. The

For this reason, the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education has decided to make a “guide” for teachers and distribute it in order to check whether children are being abused during long holidays such as summer vacation. .

The guidance states that faculty and staff should carefully detect changes in children and should not hesitate to notify the child guidance center or police even if they cannot confirm the abuse. He explains that prioritizing child safety is more important than parental relationships.

Mr. Ken Nakanishi, chief of the Children's Student Division of the Chiba Prefectural Board of Education, said, “I want you to use this guide to avoid repeating painful incidents.” The guide is scheduled to be distributed to approximately 60,000 faculty members in the prefecture, and the prefectural board of education wants to work to prevent abuse while using it.