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Until the Youtubers bun


"Mom, you don't cool as much as these moms," my daughter told me one day while watching on YouTube the video of I don't know what girl with her mom opening toys, and more toys and more toys

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The Rubius, one of the favorite youtubers of children and adolescents.

The reality is that many of our children are hooked on the so-called 'children's youtubers'

The time has come to stop seeing and get to look and see what our children are really seeing

"Mom, you don't cool as much as these moms ," my daughter told me one day while watching on YouTube the video of I don't know what girl with her mom opening toys, and more toys and more toys. What I do not molo! But how am I going to be cool like those parents who go out on YouTube accompanying their offspring while playing with them with the latest model toys, disguise themselves to make videos and laugh at them all the thanks and for having. It is impossible to compete against that.

The reality is that many of our children are hooked on what I call 'child youtubers' . They are like adult youtubers, but specifically aimed at children, with everything that children like, with everything that children dream about and doing everything that children would love to do and that they can't because we don't They send us the millions of toys that they send to them to try them and make them promotion, because we do not have the bank account to be buying the whole series 3 of the Superzings, because we do not have time to be riding videos and, above all , because it has not occurred to us nor do we want to enter the business . Because yes, this is a business, one of the most successful and harvested in recent years.

Obviously, parents do not understand the interest they generate in our children for this type of videos. I certainly do not see the grace to see a girl or a boy trying toys or fighting parents, uncles and other relatives disguised as monkeys, zombies, witches or whatever. We do not, but our children do, and there is the business.

I sing the mea culpa and I recognize that until my daughter did not tell me about "you don't cool as many as these moms" I had paid little attention to what they were really seeing . I looked at him with them and just saw children playing and my children telling me they wanted the toy in that video for their birthday. Error! I was wrong and a lot because I was also aware of the 'hitch' they had. And I said: "here."

It was time to take the tablet and stop watching to look and see what it really was that my children liked so much and that so much laughter ripped them off . It is true that the videos are the most innocent. Simply children playing or children having fun, but I began to think about how a child would see it that the only thing he looks for with his age is an immediate benefit and that he cannot distinguish what is real and what is not so much. Then I realized that I was up to the youtubers bun .

And not because suddenly I had made a great discovery, but because it was the moment when I realized that children's youtubers are already part of life. I have so much in my head the sounds of their videos, the voices of those children, the 'give me a like and subscribe to my channel', etc. that I had also been absorbed by the youtuber world just as my children had been. So far I didn't care if my children were watching it and I couldn't even listen to the television. Better late than never.

I asked my children - each one of you has your favorite youtubers - what they liked about those videos , why they laughed so much , what they thought was so funny . The answer was the response of some children: "Mom, because they have a good time"; "Mom, because look what toys they have"; "Mom, because they are always having a good time."

Indeed, that is what they see, there is no more, no trap or cardboard in the translation that they make of those videos. They are children all day playing and all day having fun , and I am here studying and playing not when I want but when they leave me and I will never have the toys they have, and they also make fun what I think is a bore . And meanwhile...

  • NatalyPop: 1,741,271 subscribers
  • Silvia Sánchez: 902,249 subscribers
  • MikelTube: 4,241,335 subscribers
  • Las Ratitas: 15,930,265 subscribers

And this is just some. It is a full-fledged business and it is because children are consumers of YouTube videos for years and growing. Just see the Adecco survey on What do you want to be when you grow up? in which for the first time being youtuber appeared among the 10 professions most desired by our children . Just like we adored Parcheesi and dreamed of being them, our children dream of being successful youtubers.

Because being a child youtuber is a job, a profession, a responsibility that brings together almost the whole family - parents, brothers, uncles, grandparents ...-. It is not just to record children or open toys and play with them is to show almost all their life or almost all the life that their parents want to show .

There are some who show everything from the moment they get up until they go to bed; there are some that are more like Spielberg and their own films are mounted; there are those who only and only play; there are those that show birthdays, barbecues, parties ... There is so much to choose from, that it is practically impossible for any child not to find what he likes among so many possibilities .

The truth is that they have not invented anything new, but have transformed and adapted what has always succeeded. New technologies, social networks are the new medium, but what they sell is entertainment, what they sell are children's dreams, what they sell is to receive a short-term stimulus. Our children see them and they are satisfied . I cannot have business with greater success assured.

And meanwhile we, the parents, turn them into a tool that makes life easier for us. There is nothing easier like giving a mobile phone to a child and putting YouTube to breathe a little. It is the whiting that bites its tail : children like it, children give it to them and children (and their parents) believe it.

For now, I have not heard my children wanting to be youtuber and even have their stage name thinking. They still want to be a doctor and a policeman, but I don't think I have much time left. For now, the time has come to control, limit and, although not as much as youtubers moms, be the best mom for them .

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