Two music companies have canceled concerts of Plácido Domingo and the Los Angeles Opera, because of the allegations of sexual harassment against the opera singer and conductor.

The companies also say that they are going to start an investigation now that it has become clear that various women believe they have been treated ill by Domingo, Billboard writes.

Domingo has been the general director of the LA Opera since 2003 and has previously acted as artistic director. Both jobs gave him power, which, according to his prosecutors, led to sexual harassment and unacceptable behavior.

The women state that he forced them into sexual acts and promised that they could get an important job that way. If the women refused, they would not get the job.

Metropolitan Opera of New York awaits investigation

On Tuesday, both the Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera announced that they had canceled all performances by the world-famous opera singer.

The Metropolitan Opera in New York first wants to await the investigation of the LA Opera. In principle he will perform in 'The Met' next month. But whether that will actually happen remains to be seen.

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Domingo calls accusations 'inaccurate'

Domingo calls the accusations at his address "inaccurate". "Yet it is painful to hear that - despite my best intentions - I may have upset someone or made me feel uncomfortable, no matter how long ago it was. I thought that all my interactions and relationships were always welcome and with mutual consent. "

The opera singer is accused by nine women of sexual harassment, AP reported earlier. The incidents would have occurred over a period of thirty years and would have started in the 1980s.