Tokyo Machida Female college student missing 20 years Family “Providing information” August 14, 16:29

In 1999, in Machida city, Tokyo, it was 20 years in 14 days after the first-year university student at the time of 18-year-old female student was lost. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that there is a suspicion of being involved in the incident, but there are no strong clues and the family calls for information.

Missing is Mr. Masayo Ide (18 at that time) who lived in Machida City, Tokyo and was a year at Tama Art University.

On August 13, 1999, I went to a rental video store near JR Naruse Station in Machida City.

The parents and younger brothers returned home to their parents' home in Aichi on the 13th, but Ide had a reservation to go to the dental clinic on August 14th the following day and remained at his home in Machida city.

However, there is no record of visiting the dental clinic, and the Metropolitan Police Department has been investigating whereabouts, but no clues have been obtained.

Mr. Ide's family has created a flyer that describes her daughter's clothes and personal belongings at the time, and asks for even a little information.

Father Toshikazu Ide (72) said, “Twenty years has been longer than the 18 years and six months we spent with us. I don't even know if it is, but we haven't given up yet and will continue to look for it. "

Ide makes an effort to study oil paintings

According to his family, Mr. Ide was devoted to studying painting, mainly oil painting.

For the family, Ide-san's room is still in its original state so that her daughter can return at any time, and it is decorated with oil paintings with a powerful touch modeled on fish and women.

Also, when I was a high school student, I had experience with a model, and according to my family, I was thinking of moving on to the field of theater, along with the path of painting.

Toshikazu's father said, “Mayo was a very focused child, with the ability and sensitivity to immerse himself in things, and was very impressed with the painting. He was interested in culture and art, such as theater and books, and was a cheerful, lively, and loved by everyone. I want him to come back soon. ”

Missing process and investigation

As for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department investigating that there was a suspicion of being involved in the incident, Mr. Masayo Ide was rented near JR Naruse Station in Machida City, Tokyo on the evening of August 13, 1999 20 years ago. The last time I visited a video store, I knew it was missing.

On August 13, 1999, Mr. Ide's family returned to his parents' home in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, but Ms. Ide had a reservation to go to the dental clinic in Shibuya Ward on August 14, the following day. It means that it stayed at home in the city.

However, there was no evidence of visiting the dental clinic on the 14th of the next day, and the family called the daughter's PHS, but was unable to connect, and reported the missing person to the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, at that time, Mr. Ide was 71 cm tall and had a brown hair shortcut.

When I visited the rental video shop, I was wearing a light green sleeveless jeans and a light blue Kinokuniya tote bag.

It seems that he had a 15,000 yen wallet and PHS as his belongings, and as a result of the investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department, the figure from the rental video store toward Naruse Station is the last sighting information.

Mr. Ide's family has seen a woman with similar characteristics.

Father “Daughter Where Information”

Ide ’s father, Toshikazu, has called for the provision of information, “20 years have passed in no time.

Mr. Ide attended art university and had model experience when in high school. Toshikazu said, “It was a pretty bright and loved child. “I was interested in theatre, cultural and artistic involvement,” she recalled.

And the last exchange when I left my daughter at home and went back to Aichi Prefecture was as follows: "If you say" I'm going to do it ", I said," I'm fine, please go. " I didn't think it would be the last. "

Toshikazu says, “20 years has been longer than 18 years and 6 months spent with us. I have no idea what my face looks like now. But that ’s very disappointing. ”

On top of that, “At that time, there were few security cameras and there were no smartphones, so we could n’t get video. It ’s time for social media, Twitter, and SNS and LINE. We haven't given up yet and will continue to look for it. "