Tohoku Expressway Sano Service Area Why? Business suspend… Embarrassed voice August 14 18:38


While the U-turn rush of people who spent their time in Obon hometown and resorts peaked, in the Sano service area on the Tohoku Expressway's up line, restaurants were closed from early morning on the 14th, and customers were confused The voice is rising.

At the restaurant, food court, and souvenir corner in the Sano Service Area, a paper informing the suspension of business has been affixed at the entrance of the store from early on the 14th, and the electricity in the store has also been turned off.

The service area was visited by a family member who didn't know the holidays and looked confused while looking at the sticker.

A 46-year-old man said that he was on his way home from Fukushima to his hometown, “I thought I would have lunch, but I was surprised to know that it was not open. I only have to eat it in the next service area.” I was talking.

According to Nexco East Japan, this suspension of business is due to the circumstances of the company that operates the restaurant and other stores, so there is no prospect of resumption.

On the other hand, since the restaurants and souvenir shops are operating as usual in the down line service area that can be moved by walking from this service area, Nexco East Japan will use the down line store with security guards. I am calling.

Nexco East Japan commented, “I am sorry for the inconvenience when many people use it. I want to hurry to prepare for the resumption of business.”