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The great robbery of the Pujol clan


It has been so many years since the encirclement over the Pujol has been narrowed because of its supposed involvement in a host of corruption cases that citizens cannot avoid asking what kind

For many years now, the siege on the Pujol has been narrowed because of its supposed involvement in a host of corruption cases that the citizens cannot avoid wondering what kind of protection the clan has to follow rositas and if Justice is the same for all. The latter because we have seen so many politicians in provisional prison while their cases were being instructed that it is surprising that with the amount of evidence that accumulates on the former president of the Generalitat and his offspring the courts are so exquisite when imposing precautionary measures . Your reasons will have the judges. But that parsimony causes the shock and outrage to skyrocket as family fortunes hidden abroad continue to be discovered, kneaded for decades apparently the result of a gigantic spider web of corruption. The last 18 million found in Switzerland , as reported by their authorities to the Spanish National Court, add to a hidden fortune in investment funds, tax havens or opaque engineering whose total amount is impossible to calculate.

Following the Pujol money trail is, in addition to a titanic mission, top material for the screenplay of a movie about gangsters. The judicial police suspect that both the formerly almighty president and his wife and their seven offspring are stained in some way and have benefited from a monumental plot of latrocinio under the umbrella of the Catalan nationalist hegemony in which the surname Pujol was an untouchable symbol . And, specifically, Justice follows closely the trail of the firstborn, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola , who is known to have used numerous frontmen and instrumental companies to have current accounts in many countries in Europe and America in which fortune would be disseminated . In 2017 he almost had to fix his residence in jail. But he got in record time the bail of half a million euros imposed by the National Court , which allowed him to continue enjoying his comfortable freedom and who knows if he also continues to move the opaque money.

Since the great family corruption scandal was uncovered in 2012, cases have not ceased to arise. It seems as if the clan had done nothing but launder funds. The thread also connects enrichment with the illegal financing of the former Convergence. About one of the children, Oriol, already weighs a conviction for the ITV case . Although the Catalan Penitentiary Administration, in the hands of independence, granted him a third degree in a matter of days that has made him a prisoner of luxury with privileges never seen . It must be hoped that the judicial investigation into the fortunes of the Pujol will not be eternalized between rogatory commissions and fiscal explorations. The impunity of this family would be a waste for our democracy difficult to bear.

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