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The great pleasure you should succumb to this holiday


Summer vacations arrive, one of the times that we most hope for and that generates more expectations. It is time to rest, have fun and forget the daily routines


Summer vacations arrive, one of the times that we most hope for and that generates more expectations. It is time to rest, have fun and forget everyday routines. Socially, it is even frowned upon not having fun, not going on vacation when everyone says goodbye until September seems to turn you into the weirdo or the poor guy whose pocket does not allow it, unless you clarify that you are the lucky one waiting for a Great trip out of season.

'To live that is two days!' put under the sign 'Closed for holidays', even if it is not written. And if, in addition, the broadcast live on social networks increases your recognition. You do know how to live and have fun without complexes! Summer and boredom are two words that should never be found in the same sentence.

However, the days have 24 hours also in summer and without obligations the holiday time is a lot and we do not always know how to use it. If nothing catches your attention, if you could do a lot but do not move, if you are apathetic while looking at the bright sea, if that mountain landscape you dreamed of now seems very uninteresting or if the next thing you have on the agenda is a dinner with your mother-in-law's sequismiquis, you are not depressive, you suffer an attack of boredom. An old acquaintance who is never welcome.


Boredom, even if you don't believe it, has good things to discover. If you take advantage of this situation to look for possible solutions, without realizing it, you are training creativity. Getting to look at the phone or watch TV immediately fleeing from boredom as someone who has seen a ghost does not allow you to take advantage of its benefits: it is time to think, be aware of what is happening to us, stop for a moment and really look for what What we want to do

Being in a rural house in the Alps and having nothing concrete to do can allow us to write about the landscape that surrounds us, rest watching the sunset, daydreaming while we let ourselves be caressed by the breeze or evoke memories of childhood. They are other ways to develop creative resources. Just as the land needs the fallow to bear fruit, we need moments of doing nothing productive in order to rest and strengthen our internal potential. Therefore, it is important to tolerate boredom, befriend boredom.


If this is a phrase you pronounce, often rate if you are one of these profiles:

Workaholic. Do you roll your eyes at the thought of leaving your homework until September and notice a lump in your stomach if you think about not going to the office? Do you work more than 55 hours a week, you can't stop looking at the mails and if you do you feel guilty? There is no doubt you suffer from 'workaholism' (work addiction). You do not allow your very busy mind to pause and rest. Please go to the psychologist and, meanwhile, every day when you wake up put a palm tree and a beach in your mind so that you get used to it.

Hypomanic Are you one of those who do many things and only then do they feel happy? Do you travel 15 kilometers on foot to get to that old hermitage and once there you want to go to the next event? You are a guy "I do later exist". According to clinical psychology, your attitude can hide an underground malaise that only with activity can you keep at bay. It is time to alternate moments of scheduled activity with others in which to do nothing.

Hooked on intense emotions. Are you a guy whose usual vacation is to trek through the Himalayas, practice canyoning or climb the K2 ?. Marvin Zuckerman, a professor at the University of Delaware defines you as a ' sensation seeker' . It means that your brain to be fit needs extra dose of adrenaline so you get bored more than average. It is best to practice a mandatory day of healthy boredom.

You don't know how to be alone. Does the band aid give you the thought of being alone? Can't you find anything interesting to do with yourself? The people who are most bored are those who have not developed their self-awareness. They do not distinguish well between bodily sensations and emotions. In the end, it is harder for them to know what they really want, so it is easier for you to become a passive stimulus receptor. Make a list of 20 pleasant things you could do alone and choose to do two of them in your only company every day.

Boredom phobia. The philosopher and pedagogue José Antonio Marina believes that today's society is obsessed with well-being and has little patience in achieving it. From there there is a phobia of boredom and avoiding any form of displeasure related to not being externally stimulated. The phobias heal by facing them, so do some tedious activity on purpose. What do you think if you train by putting yourself in the longest queue of the supermarket?

As the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell said "a generation that does not support boredom will be a generation of little value." We have to take advantage and enjoy the summer but if boredom appears from time to time do not panic and take advantage of it.

What do we do?

Drop down

Be aware. Take occasional boredom as something normal and don't run away from it quickly with stuffing stimuli.

Stop a moment. Doing nothing is necessary once in a while. If we don't have it in our routine, maybe getting bored is the only way to stop.

Use our resources . Think about what this state tells us about us at this time. What can we do to learn something from the present moment? What comes to mind to find something stimulating?

Relax If we do not find escape, relax, walk and change places or daydreaming may be valid options. Even making plans for the next day or thinking about future challenges will help us think about something more attractive, even if we still do nothing.

Bored with children. Write a list of alternative activities. If your offspring get bored, it would be enough to show them the list and choose an activity. If it doesn't work, don't worry, children also need to get bored from time to time.

Isabel Serrano-Rosa and Jesús Mª Prada are psychologists in EnPositivoSí.

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