• Scandal: Nine women accuse Plácido Domingo of sexual harassment
  • Consequences: The Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera cancel Placido Domingo's performances
  • Character: The impossible trace of Patricia Wulf, the woman who accuses Placido Domingo
  • Testimonials. These are all allegations of sexual harassment against Placido Domingo: "I was always touching you"
  • Reactions: Pilar Jurado, president of the SGAE: "Plácido Domingo is a perfect gentleman"
  • # MeToo.The accusations of sexual harassment accumulate in classical music and opera

The singer Paloma San Basilio said Wednesday that Plácido Domingo, with whom he recorded the album Finally together in 1991 and has collaborated on other albums, was always with her "a gentleman" .

The singer (Madrid, 1950) regrets "enormously" in a statement "the comments that are being poured out in the press about Mr. Plácido Domingo", to which nine women who worked with him accuse sexual harassment in the 80s and 90s.

"I can only affirm that Mr. Domingo was always a gentleman with me, a great companion and a generous artist , of those who do not abound, and with whom I had the privilege of sharing the stage," says San Basilio in response to "the numerous calls received "to pronounce on the matter.

Paloma San Basilio and Plácido Domingo.ANTONIO HEREDIA / BERNARDO DÍAZ

As testimony of this, he adds, "there is a television special that many people could enjoy and in which their companionship, dedication, respect and talent are clearly seen."

Nine women - eight singers and a dancer - have said that Sunday subjected them to sexual harassment, according to testimonies collected in a report by the US agency AP, to which the tenor has responded that he believed "always" that all his "interactions and relationships "with women they were " welcome and consensual . "

The San Francisco Opera joined the Philadelphia Orchestra yesterday and canceled the concert he planned to give at that coliseum.

The Opera of the Angels, which the tenor has directed since 2003, has opened an investigation into harassment testimonies.

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