Not stand the prospect of the 18 people rescued orphaned in the vicinity of the valley Oita Kusu August 15, 8:00 24 minutes

In the evening of the 14th, 18 people who visited a barbecue near the valley in Kusu-cho, Oita Prefecture and were isolated by water while moving by car were then evacuated to the hills and injured. Police and fire have toward the search, but the rain and wind has strengthened to intermittent, the prospect of rescue is that it does not stand still.

Around 4:30 pm on the 14th, near the Otani Valley in Kusu Town, Oita Prefecture, a group of 18 people who had come to a barbecue reported to the fire department that the car was submerged and stopped moving.

According to police, this group consists of 7 adults and 11 children, some of whom are 5 months old, and they were divided into six cars and moved around to get caught in water. It ’s gone.

The group then evacuated to a relatively high place and spent an overnight in the tent, but when the police and others contacted by phone, all 18 people were injured.

The police and fire departments are searching for a place where 18 people are isolated and based on the nearby campsite “Seragi no Sato Hanajika”. prospect is that it does not stand still.

The police are waiting for the rain and wind to settle and heading to a place with 18 people.