Sexual assault and obscenity against nine girls with intellectual disabilities. Prosecuted 31-year-old man August 14 at 17:52

It turned out that a 31-year-old man in Tokyo was prosecuted for repeating sexual assaults and obscene acts on a total of nine people, including girls with intellectual disabilities who could not resist.

The prosecution was unemployed in Tokyo, Edogawa Ward, Defendant Yusaku Oki (31).

According to the indictments, Oki was charged with sexual assault and obscene acts in Tokyo and Chiba prefectures, including 6 girls with intellectual disabilities, from 2014 to last year. It has been asked.

According to investigators, Oki's smartphone and personal computer store videos of obscene acts and photos of special support schools where girls attend, and police investigate the behavior of girls in advance. I think he was repeatedly committing crimes.

According to investigators, Oki is silent about the investigation, and the police will continue to investigate whether there is any other sin.