Nicky Romero has considered stopping making music and doing totally different work. The DJ was struggling with burnout and depression and saw no other way to get rid of it.

"I have not told this before, but I was already secretly looking for another job. I thought: maybe I should go to work for the police, just like my mother and my father used to be. I seriously took into account that I this work in music could not do much longer ", said the 30-year-old DJ in conversation with Nieuwe Revu .

Romero had his entire agenda full of performances, but in the meantime looked at websites for a different job. "Until I found out that there was another cause for my problems."

The DJ discovered that, in order to cope with his busy career, he had converted all kinds of links. "As a result, I was far removed from my own self. To turn those buttons back on, I had to give my body the freedom to repair itself. And you don't do that by turning every week in Las Vegas, or every other week to Los Angeles, Mexico and Japan. That was a painful realization. "

Dj could talk to his parents

Romero also noticed that he felt busy because he is responsible for all the people who make money with the organization of his shows. Eventually he was the first to talk to his parents about it. "They took my phone and said," We'll take it from you if you don't mind, you really have to take a distance now. "

The DJ then talked to all kinds of specialists, but nothing worked. He ended up on a website of a man who could help him. "He had written a hundred-page pdf. Reading when you are depressed is very difficult, but I already knew in the first sentence: this is it." You will never get better until you stop trying to get better ", that was the sentence that made the penny drop for me . Remove in your life the resistance to what is, and there is no more friction. "