House fire Two teenage men and women heavy Nara Kawanishi-machi August 14 18:49

On the morning of the 14th, there was a fire that burned a house in Kawanishi-cho, Nara, and two teenage men and women living in this house are in heavy contact.

After 11:00 am on the 14th, Wang Xiu of Shimonaga Kawanishi-cho * A person living nearby found a fire coming out of Bin's house and reported it to the fire department.

Eighteen fire engines and other fires were extinguished, and the fire was extinguished after about three and a half hours, but a two-story house was burned about 100 square meters.

According to the police, this fire brought King's 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old 4 boys to the hospital, but they were burned throughout their bodies and both were serious. The man who lived with the king was also slightly injured.

Six people lived in this house, and Mr. Wang and the other two children were out.

The inhabitants who reported were witnessing a fire coming out from the first floor, and the cause of the fire was investigated by the police and the fire department.

* The bottle is “Platin” under “Kusakamuri”. The two “flat” points are “C”.