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Georgie Dann, Shakira, Raffaella Carrà and the great geniuses of the summer song


Humorists like to believe that it is harder to make people laugh than to make them cry. They have sculpted their pride over that nuclear axiom. However, nobody has extrapolated it to music

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  • 'La yenka'.The tragic case of the first song of the summer

Humorists like to believe that it is harder to make people laugh than to make them cry. They have sculpted their pride over that nuclear axiom. However, no one has extrapolated it to music: that it is easier to be an intense than to make cheerful and carefree music ; In short, it is easier to be Tom Waits than to be Georgie Dann. (Wide-eyed emoticon. Flash emoticon. Thought that sticks in the brain like a splinter: heck, it may be true).

Provoke the smile with music is very frowned upon, but good that you all dance and sing those songs summer after summer. At that time (management parties), in that place (main square) and with those people (friends, family, a barking dog), Georgie always wins . And that's why we need him and everyone who is like him. A special race. Call them jesters, squirts, ridiculous. At the bottom of their civilized psyche they know they need them.

And within this erotic sub-genre that our civilization has agreed to call La Canción del Verano (read with echo effect), only a few champions have managed not only to reach Mount Olympus but to repeat the epic, challenging what they say that lightning doesn't It falls twice in the same place , which science has shown is not true because the rays fall where they feel like it, it would only be missing.

Let's look at the case of Shakira , without going any further. What a singer! It is true that he has a terrible reputation in the halls of the music industry, where the only memory of his requests awakens all kinds of sighs and phrases that invariably begin with "let's see", but he has got the whole world to dance at the same time "Waka , waka, / eh, eh "in the summer of 2010 , world champions, bla bla. It was the third time that the Colombian made our summer happy after Hips don't lie in 2006 and her mega success of 2005 with Alejandro Sanz, La Tortura (without a doubt, a risk title). Even at the Tax Agency they made the little train dancing to Shakira.

Shakira performs 'Waka waka' at the opening of the World Cup in South Africa in July 2010. Martin Rose

Another singer who has achieved three songs of the summer is Juan Magán . Son of an office worker and a cleaner of Badalona, ​​he patented with great eye the Latin electro and has been a decade of bombings for the transoceanic meneito of an almost perverse effectiveness, with special mentions for Dancing out there , I will wait for you and Mal de amores , trilogy whose titles could be read in a row as a short story that sums up the summer spirit.

In his wake we find another emperor of the summer, Don Omar , brought king of reggaeton who before evangelizing the doctrine of the Perreo was pastor of the Church of the Restoration of Christ and half of the Christian duet Omar & Osito. It was never heard of Osito again, but with the last Don we shook our buttocks for evenings dancing Dale don dale , Danza kuduro and Ella no follows fashions , among others. It is not, it must be said, a man of convictions: he retired from music in November 2017 and announced his return only 14 months later. The sigh of relief echoed throughout the Levant.

But let's go back in time and think for a moment about everything that has been discussed about the Transition and the role played by its protagonists. It has been a wear of such proportions that from that battlefield today there is only one absolute truth: the truth of Raffaella Carrà .

Raffaella Carrà

Party in the year 77 and We must come to the south in 79 were impregnable colossi, the zeitgeist of his time, a passionate monument to carpe diem . "Just in case the world ends / all the time I have to take advantage / wanderer's heart I am seeking my freedom." Not to mention the crazy idea of ​​repeating without breathing "fantastic, fantastic this party". But what is even more relevant, and this should be underlined with a phosphorescent marker, is that they have survived until they reach the status of classics of every Hispanic celebration. Brrravo

Only half a centimeter below are two institutions of the summer song of toooda la vida: Formula V and Manolo Escobar . The first made them like churros: Summer vacations , Eva María , I have your love ... The second made them like a bull: he recorded the hymns that live Spain and El porompompero and FC Barcelona rewarded him with his gold and brilliant badge , you see what things; In fact, it was granted twice, because in 2011 she was robbed of her house in Benidorm and quickly the club gave her another. Think for a moment about everything the song of summer could do for the unity of Spain.

And, above all and everyone, is Georgie Dann . God level. The African, The beach bar, The bimbó, The barbecue, Macumba ... Many humans have tried to match their genius, with great risk to their lives; Of course Georgie is not human. It is a machine meticulously designed for fun and the joy of living. Without weaknesses. No concessions Without complex.

He was born in the city except Georgie Dann of the world: Paris. He studied in a conservatory and could be a musician in a philharmonic orchestra or jazz group, or school teacher, who was his vocation, but this man who does not need an alias to call himself Georgie Dann preferred to make Spain happy with a white suit, a pile of hair with the volume of a raccoon and a whole string of songs about barbecue sausages. God bless you.

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